Thanks Giving and Fellowship Brunch

It was wonderful to see many of our parent volunteers at the Thanksgiving and Fellowship brunch.

We had a great time bonding over yummy food.

Thank God for His continued provision and blessing upon our Sajc PSG.

Thanks to everyone of you for your faithful support.

May we continue to be a channel of blessing to our children in Sajc. 

Up and On!


Our Farewell Assembly included a line-up of teacher performances and farewell videos, recounting the times our J2 students spent in College. It was a time of fond reminiscing, where goodbyes and well wishes were exchanged (some over tears)!
To our graduating Saints, we hope your time spent in College has been meaningful – that you’ve had time for work and time for play, but ultimately, that you have seen these years as a tie for growth. Press on to the A-levels with confidence.

Teacher’s Day

Such a blessing to celebrate Teacher’s Day with people who took up a selfless profession to guide and educate our young.
Wishing each of the teacher a blessed Teacher’s Day

Night Study

Every year , the PSG partners SAJC to provide dinner meals for the saints during the run up to the final examinations . Parent volunteers are present to distribute the meals to those who signed up . It’s a good time to interact with the Saints , showing our support for them through encouraging words, pats on the shoulders , hugs and prayers to bless them . Parents who have volunteered are blessed too to see beaming faces and grateful hearts in the Saints .
Sign up as a parent volunteer to be a blessing to the Saints and be blessed too !

Sports Carnival

The SAJC Sports Carnival is a highly anticipated annual event held on the last Friday of July.It’s an exciting fun – filled day when books are set aside and the Saints are on the sports field participating in inter – house and inter – class games.
PSG contributes to the fun carnival atmosphere by selling snacks and drinks like coke float,hot-dogs,pizza and nachos & cheese.For the first time,we had a photo booth with hair,face and nail painting thrown in for free. PSG members also had a meaningful time befriending new parent volunteers and serving the Saints together.

Exam Care

To encourage our Saints for their JC1 Common Test and JC2 Block Test respectively, the SAJC Parent Support Group (PSG) painstakingly prepares 1800 Care Packs and distributed them to our Saints over 3- hour period. Each pack contains chocolates, cookies, Milo 3–in–1, motivational card and a prayer request slip. 25 members of the PSG met the previous week to do the packing and 28 came down for the distribution which brought on smiles to our students. We are extremely thankful for this wonderful gesture and support from the PSG and together we wish all our Saints well for the Exams.

Cross Country

What a wonderful morning in the SAJC Cross Country 2018! We had perfect weather , gave the Saints lovely ice cream, made new JC1 PSG friends and raised funds for the Day Activity Center of St.Andrews Autism Center. All glory to God!