Fund Raising Meal for Staff

Date : 15 March 2019 (Friday)

Cross Country

Date : 1 March 2019 Friday

Breakfast with Principal

Date : 23 February 2019 (Saturday)

Become a Parent Volunteer

If you would like to be part our SAJC PSG community to be informed of what’s happening at SAJC, Please join us by registering here.
PSG Registration

Chinese New Year Celebration

Date : 4 February 2019 (Monday)

Parent’s Dialogue Session

Date : 2 February 2019

Local University Forum

Forum for J2 Parents
Date : 26 January 2019 (Saturday)

Open House 2019

sajc openhouse

Tuesday 15 January | 9 am to 4 pm

Thanks Giving and Fellowship Brunch

It was wonderful to see many of our parent volunteers at the Thanksgiving and Fellowship brunch.

We had a great time bonding over yummy food.

Thank God for His continued provision and blessing upon our Sajc PSG.

Thanks to everyone of you for your faithful support.

May we continue to be a channel of blessing to our children in Sajc. 

Up and On!


Our Farewell Assembly included a line-up of teacher performances and farewell videos, recounting the times our J2 students spent in College. It was a time of fond reminiscing, where goodbyes and well wishes were exchanged (some over tears)!
To our graduating Saints, we hope your time spent in College has been meaningful – that you’ve had time for work and time for play, but ultimately, that you have seen these years as a tie for growth. Press on to the A-levels with confidence.