Night Study Program 2019

We did IT!

All the ❤*Heart*  work from you had made the impossible, possible.

Thank you so much for all your kind help and generous contribution.

We had provided a total of 1200 persons of warm and cool dinners, complete with desserts for our 2019 PSG Night Study Program.

Take a look at the attached pictures of our happy and thankful Saints, enjoying their wholesome, sumptuous and delicious dinner, complete with desserts – fruits, tarts, cakes and pastries. Last but not least, it was topped off with a surprise appearance of cool Ice Cream Man on the last day.

We pray the small acts by us as the parents will touch the hearts of our J2 Saints and encourage them to continue to work hard and give their best for their upcoming A-level examinations, knowing that we are behind them all the way.

Thank you once again and let us continue to keep our children in our prayers.

God Bless🙏

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